Jayna milan


Winter 2019 - Current

TONL is a stock photo company that highlights the everyday experiences of diverse individuals through genuine photography that reflects the true world we live in. My work pushes me to break down common stereotypes of marginalized groups and to celebrate the strength of ordinary individuals.

I’m responsible for covering 8 categories per month (40 images overall).

As seen on NPR, Okayafrica, Artsy

Sea Gals

Fall-winter 2018

I’m the official photographer for the 2018 Seahawks’ Sea Gal dance team! I have photographed four home games and the Seahawks have utilized my photos on all Sea Gal social platforms.

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Fall 2018

Photographed the "Empowerment Camp Mugs" collection, which benefit women around the world, and also the "Travel Tumbler" campaign.

Shared with 40.9k followers on Instagram and 29k on Facebook.


The Daily

Fall 2015 - current

The University of Washington's student-run newspaper. All time favorite projects include photographing Cirque Du Soleil, astronaut Scott Kelly, volleyball games, and local ice cream shops.


UW Sustainability

Fall 2017 - Summer 2018

UW consistently ranks as one of the top "Green Schools" across the U.S. As the intern for the UW Sustainability office, I created a photo archive of student-led sustainability initiatives on campus that's now used for current and future event promotion and resource distribution.

Nue & TAM Noodle Box

Fall 2017

Bring people together through a common truth we all believe in: good food.


Seattle International Film Festival

Spring 2015

Event and red carpet photographer for the 39th Seattle International Film Festival, a month-long festival - the longest of its kind in the U.S - that is held annually around the city. 


Buffalo Tours Tour Agency

Spring 2015

During my gap year after high school, I traveled with Buffalo Tours, an amazing, forward looking tour agency based in South East Asia, and provided photos for their Educational Travel Asia program.

The ETA program offers culturally diverse programs for international high school students, and also "vacation packages" for oversea tourists who want to engage in community-run service projects and home stays across Cambodia, Thailand, etc.