isn’t your typical travel magazine.

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1. We're student-run

Crafted by our team of undergrad students at the University of Washington, we produce issues on a bi-annual basis for readers all around the world.


2. We believe that traveling is a complex and multi-faceted journey. 

We go beyond romanticizing "exotic" cultures and attempt to not view the rest of the world through a one-dimensional, rose-tinted lens. We hope to leave something good behind when we travel, and we use our platform to share stories from historically underrepresented writers, photographers, and storytellers from all backgrounds and identities.


Even before I knew my major at UW, I knew that I wanted to begin a magazine that brought together some of my passions:

storytelling, adventure, & cultural diversity.

4 years and 6 issues later, we’re now
passing the torch on to a new team!


Issue 5 - The Food Issue

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The UW student newspaper wrote about us!

The UW student newspaper wrote about us!

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Cool things we've done:

  • Hosted a screening of An American Ascent, a doc. that follows the first African-American team to tackle Denali. Q&A included climbers Rosemary Saal and Adina Scott who discussed women leadership and diversity in the outdoors.